For over 10 years Techstyle has offered work placements to design students from Brunel, Loughborough, Newcastle and Nottingham Universities, as well as bringing on two apprentices from Barnsley College.

The student is afforded the opportunity to work on live customer projects many of which will become volume production items before the end of the placement. Techstyle Europe’s customers, range from small start up ‘inventors,’ bringing their ideas to reality, to larger organisations.

This variety ensures that during the placements, Techstyle students are exposed to all plastic processing disciplines, as well as some metal processing and electronics manufacturing techniques. This well rounded experience provides them with an excellent grounding to begin their future career.

Multiple comments have been received by the Universities, highly commending Techstyle for the diverse exposure to this manufacturing sector and the structured approach to bringing discipline to this creative field, which an increasing number of young individuals find themselves attracted.

On this note, we have found that it is  sometimes the case that creative students exhibit poor written communication skills and have less interest in this area when compared to graphical and engineering type media. Attention to detail in this field is critical; it is essential for an employer to be confident that customers liaising directly with employees, do not lose confidence in the organisation, through the employees inability to deliver both written and graphical media to a high standard. Techstyle Design Academy aims to identify and assist individuals who may need more assistance in this area, ensuring that the finished prospect is well rounded and attractive to potential employers.

Techstyle Europe would now like to expand this offering further by accepting up to 15 students per year, we are really excited about the potential in this expansion of the companies educational arm.


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“Working at Techstyle-Europe helped to really progress my understanding of designing commercially viable products that are manufacture ready. Having live briefs to work on meant communicating directly with clients and manufacturers giving me a more holistic design approach beyond that offered at university. Overall the Techstyle Design Academy has given me the confidence to design products from initial concept all the way through to mass manufacture.”

Tom B Loughborough University